by il cucchiaino di alice

Ingredients white flour 250 gr,   Venere rice, eggs 3, milk 90 ml (or half milk and half white yogurth), 80 gr sugar,  1/2 portion of baking powder, 50 ml olive oil, cinnamon 1, (50 gr almond chopped)

oranges gelatin 4 oranges, 1 little spoon of agar-agar, 1 little spoon of sugar

oranges gelatin: Mixed the oranges pulp with agar-agar and sugar, warm up for few minutes. Switch off and wait. Fill a freezer  box and put there for around 30′.

muffin: whip egg whites, mix very well yolks with sugar, add oil and milk at the end egg white. Add flour with baking powder and cinnamon. Fill with this some muffin shapes. Add in the middle a piece of orange and put in the oven for20-30′. Serve them with orange juice!



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