Barbara Manconi – Editor in Chief, Natural Child

How is your bed?My bed is made of wicker wood and it’s tucked in between the wall and the closet.

Which kind of food you do not like? I hate cheese. piew… the taste, the smell, it’s just not right. My grandma forces me to eat it on my pasta, so I drink a lot of water with it so I don’t taste it as much.

And your favourite? Pizza. Any pizza, especially warm pizza bread filled with mortadella

Your favorite book to read? The Little Prince…but I always wonder: how come his parents let him wonder in the desert all by himself?

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One Response to BARBARA, HOW OLD R U?

  1. gisella says:

    guardando quella foto penso che avrei dovuto capire gia’ da allora che donna saresti diventata sono fiera di te

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