AGNIESZKA Zielinska-Chmura, architect, designer, mukaki

How is your bed? I have a large bed, a double and I don’t like going to sleep… and in kindergarten instead of sleep, I like to pull out the feathers from the pillow and blow is so that does not fall as long as possible …
Which kind of meal you do not like? I do not like milk, especially boiled milk. I don’t like even the smell of it! A milk soup is a nightmare! Even cocoa is mostly milk, so I don’t like it… And your  favourite? Hm… I do not like eat at all… the air?
Your favorite book to read? I do not like books to much, there are more interesting things to do … ok, maybe a little Pinocchio… and The Snow Queen although it is kind of a scary… Have you got an imaginary friend? No, I do not have an imaginary friend but I would love to fly with Peter Pan. I could swear that scattering small silver papers from chocolate enable me to fly a few centimeters above the ground for a moment… why adults do not see it?

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