Magic pencils !

These are fantastic and unique pencils reated by Ariane Prin.

Read their story and the interesting project conceived by Ariane.

“Designers are best suited to methods of making that apply to specific and localized contexts. I believe design is about exploring the social and natural opportunities around us, taking advantage of every situation by connecting human activities with environmental principles. The “From Here For Here” project include two main issues:
1. Create useful products specific to a site from the waste generated there.
2. The legitimacy of creating new objects by keeping the enjoyment of making without the guilt. This new production system treats the Royal College of Art as an experimental site for demonstrating these principles. It uses waste from the various departments of the school for a local pencil factory that will supply drawing tools to present and future students”.

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One Response to Magic pencils !

  1. They are just beautiful… I would love to make a collection and it would be forbiden children use them !

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