NATALIA, Kids&Us founder

How is your bed? Nice and comfortable.

Which kind of meal you do not like? I don’t like boiled veggies. Whenever I have boiled veggies for dinner, I chew them for ages, and if I’m allowed to, I go to the toilet and once there, without my parents suspecting anything, I spit them out. I find artichokes specially disgusting.
And your favourite? I love pasta with lots of tomato sauce. I like it when my mum makes colourful salads with red tomato and pepper, different greens, yellow boiled eggs … I love dipping croissants into hot chocolate and cream on Sunday morning.
Your favorite book to read? I love animal stories like White Fang and the Call of the Wild.

Have you got an imaginary friend? I have, a little white mouse that is always whispering secrets into my ear, he cheers me up with his noisy laughter. Although it’s imaginary, my cat seems to notice it somehow.

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