JULIA K LANGE, fashion designer, teenytini

How is your bed? It is a cosy protected wooden place with curtains I can pull
so that I can  go completely into my world and dream deeply  colourful. I can smell the wood of the panels surrounding me, the softness of the velvet red curtains I touch before I fall asleep. Which kind of meal you do not like? I like all kind of food. And your favourite?  I love ravioli with curly square  frame and nasty meet out of  a tin. Your favorite book to read? I cannot read yet but I love. My dad telling me stories,Sometimes he has to tell me the same story every evening for weeks. Have you got an imaginary friend?  I have my favourite doudou, a squirrel called Eichi and a sheep I need on top of my pillow otherwise I cannot fall asleep, it is already flat like a piece of paper and lost its sheep belly.

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