How is your bed? My bed is a creaking, lightblue, oldfashioned metal bed, with a thick goldish silk-like blanket over the heavy duvé. My mom is making my bed every morning with military accuracy, so that it feels like new every night.
Which kind of meal you do not like? I SO do not like thick yellow pea-soup with pork and mustard!! But hungry after playing in the garden all Sunday, with a more and more intense scent from the kitchen,  roast chicken is my favourite meal. With the golden, cruncy skin, the tasty meat, the new, fresh potatoes and the sweet, pickeled cucombers. Ummmm!
Your favorite book to read? Alice in wonderland! I really want to be Alice and go to that enchanted place where rabbits can talk and wears clothes! I love the pretty illustrations by W. H. Walker and tries to make drawings like him.
Have you got an imaginary friend? No, I have a littlesister who follows me where ever I go 🙂

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