ANA VENTURA, illustrator

How is your bed? My bed is covered with a blanket full of turquoise blue squares. Underneath, there are three large drawers. In two of them live some of my toys. Which kind of meal you do not like? My favorite meal is spaghetti with hamburger. I love to go to my grandfather garden and pick a fresh tomato to eat. And your favourite? I don’t like soup of crusche chick-peas.
Your favorite book to read?  Richard Scarry “Wwhat do people do all day?”. Have you got an imaginary friend?  Yes, my little finger of my right hand

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One Response to ANA, HOW OLD R U?

  1. Ana Carini says:

    Hi there!

    When I opened this email on my inbox this morning, for a moment, I though you were asking about my age 🙂

    How sweet! I loved!

    Would be happy to participate in one of your pages. Feel free to contact me if interested.

    Have a lovely day.

    Ana, editor of Motherhood Wonders.

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