VALENTINA RAFFAELLI, designer, Friday project

How is your bed? My bed is nice and soft. It’s full of pillows, and the blancket is a jungle with yellow sky and funny animals that look at me through the leaves.
Which kind of meal you do not like? I do not like soup with rice in it: my grandma somethimes prepare it, blaaa.
And your favourite? My favourite food is ice cream! Sometimes, when my mother is not at home, my father let me eat ice cream for dinner: wow!!
Your favorite book to read?  I love to read “The tale of Peter rabbit” by Beatrix Potter; it’s full of illustrations each one with a lot of details in it. I like when the characters are inside their home because it’s full of things to see in the background: little cupboards, chairs, closet, lamps.
Have you got an imaginary friend?
Yes, I have a lot. During the day they stay on the shelves above my bed, and I don’t know what they are doing. But in the evening I let them come in my bed and we play a lot together.

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