TOBIAS GUTMANN, illustrator, storyteller, artist and sometimes a graphic designer but mostly a nice guy

-1How is your bed? It is like a nice white cloud in the blue sky, where I hide when I am tired. Once I am in it, dreams become true.
Which kind of meal you do not like? I don’t like jelly beans and fennel or when I bite in a guava fruit and realize it is rotten and full of worms.
Which is your favorite book?
I like the book with the colorful fish, the corals an the shells. The lion-fish is my favorite. I have seen a real baby lion-fish swimming fifty centimeters  close to me. I was scared, but he was friendly. Have you got an imaginary friend? The lion-fish, The purple butterfly and the crocodile under my bed, but that is not really a friend.

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One Response to TOBIAS, HOW OLD R U?

  1. karina says:

    we loved your work in kidsroomzoom!
    krethaus team

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