Alena Kurfürstová, designer

Alena Kurfürstova_5 yearsHow´s your bed? My bed is soooo huge, white and I feel safe in it. I love it so much and I don´t want to share it with anybody. It will belong to me for all my life and I will be sleeping in my safety place forever!  What kind of food you like and what not? I imagine I have a garden around our huge house and suddenly a huge (bigger than me) strawberry fell on the grass and then banana, apple, raspberry (the same sizeJ Everything is so huge and I am walking and biting through them, making ways like worm… I really really DO NOT like tomatoes, never ever!!!  What’s your favourite book? I love fairy tales books, small, colorful, beautiful…I carry them with me everywhere – when I eat, when I go to bed and I am falling asleep with them. Once I am a princess, next time I am a horse rider, talking to animals just like my heroes and heroines from the books… Do you have any imaginary friend ? When I was ill, my father brought me a handkerchief, we made together knot on it and name it Kapis ( Friend for Bad Times) He is all the time, also till now, with me, hidden in my pocket J

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