FIRENZE Pitti Bimbo, January 2013


art, food, design for children

Firenze, Fortezza da Basso

January, 17 > 19 2013

After the big success of the first partecipation of kidsroomZOOM! during the last Pitti Bimbo in June, kidsroomZOOM! is proud to be part of new amazing edition of Pitti Bimbo.

In the New View area, we will shows a very carefull selection of the most interesting brands and projects related to the kids world.

kidsroomZOOM! offers a full spectrum of creative inspiration – from design to contemporary art, from fashion to books, from cookery to learning labs – providing you with the ideal opportunity to find everything you need to create a magical paradise for children. The effective planning of such a space requires a clear understanding of the key developmental stages in childhood. kidsroomZOOM! will exhibit designs and projects that offer innovative solutions and use materials that have been specifically chosen to stimulate child’s creativity and independence, helping them through these fundamental years while they play, learn and grow.

Alburno (I), Alicucio (I), alt design (I), Alt Means Old (I), Matteo Bissaca (I), Joana Rosa Bragança (P), Clemt (I), Fabulous Goose (DK), georges (F), gommini (D), Anna Licata (I), Ligne Noire (I), lucciole (I), Kalon Studios (USA), Miniio (PL), MV% Ceramics Design (I),, peridea (I), perludi (AT), pixels XL (E), piquattropunto (I), Rafa kids (NL), ROAaaaR (I), Kurt Stapelfeldt (ZA), Studio delle Alpi (LU), tartate (I), Tiphaine Verdier Mangan (F), Utzon kids (DK), Carlotta Zucca (I) kidsroomZOOM! @ Pitti Bimbo

Firenze, Fortezza da basso | New View area

17 > 19 January

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