unduetrestella presents a number of new contemporary art projects, including Martina Della Valle’s porcelain dining set for children, her new wallpaper design, Caterina Aicardi’s The Little Magic Lantern, Carla Cardinaletti’s La chiave a light installation, Marco De Scalzi photographic series, and Eating Tables series by Sabine Timm.

unduetrestella’s main space at via G.B. Vico 1 will be transformed in a real working kitchen – the heart of the home where Mum and Dad prepare the children’s meals, and where the family gathers around the table to eat together. Among others, the venue will be host to: CCC chairs by the Dutch designer Maartje Steenkamp; ‘paper’ installations by the artist Samuele Menin; the misterious “tea towels” by Ligne Noire; and aprons by the young designer Maria Piovano.

Martina Della Valle

Carla Cardinaletti / on

Carla Cardinaleeti / off

Sabine Timm

Martina Della Valle, wallpaper

Marco De Scalzi, photograph


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