Al2698 (I)

Al2698 is a new brand of furnishings inspired by nature, a concept created in 2009 by Gabriele Centazzo. Al2698 products’ shapes recall the architecture of the natural elements, are composed of environmentally sustainable materials such as aluminum and wood and feature a simple and elegant design.

Arzu Firuz (F)

Arzu Firuz is a young designer of Turkish and Panamanian ancestry, currently based in France. Together with her associate Paul Huber, she works on the reinterpretation of cultural objects like antique rugs, floor cushions and wooden lattices. By combining these objects with modern materials used in every day life, they provide a fresh approach to an ancient art. For Yellowbasket Arzu Firuz & Paul Huber exclusively designed a carpet and placemat collection for kids produced in recycled vinyl.

az&mut (FR)

az&mut are Rafaële David and Géraldine Hetzel, a young French designer team that specialises in researching innovative use of traditional and local materials with a focus on exploring different ways of returning greenery to urban life. For the past three years they have been exploring new ways of developing flax (linen) products: a range of outdoor/indoor pots and lamps – from the classic Cavalier to the furry Teddy – and to be continued with the innovative Cupcake, made from 100 percent plant materials. As well as exploring other natural materials, such as porcelain, wood and organic cotton, az&mut also design for other brands.

byBO Design (S)

byBO Design is a Swedish designer label specialized in baby furniture. The company is run by designer Bo Ekström who himself is father of four. Although their emphasis is on ergonomics and space utilization, the designs, which are mostly made of wood, also focus on aesthetics. Ekström is especially known for his innovative design for diaper changing stations.

breadedEscalope Design Studio

breadedEscalope are Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl and Michael Tatschl and are based in Vienna, Austria. After eight years in common design related education, they established a synergetic way of working and developed >breadedEscalope<, their studio. The team creates socially sustaining artifacts and systems that raise questions and challenge common meanings and general perceptions. Their objects or systems are never just aesthetic; bE understand design to be more than beautification. They say to create, to open versatile channels of experiencing environments, objects, or products.

Cdroig Design Studio (E) 

Cdroig, is a creative team of enthusiasts based in Valencia, Spain, with an experience of over 10 years. They are specialized in design and communication. Pixels XL ( is one of their most innovative products. It is a registered surface coating system based on removable pieces that allows refurbishing a space or to change the decoration in a simple, quick and clean way: adding, removing or changing pieces…..

Collect Furniture (DK)

Collect furniture is a young Danish company run by Frederic Collette and specializes in high quality furniture for children. The designs are all based on the combination of a functional idea with simple and very graphic lines. Collect furniture follows an ECO-friendly strategy and has achieved the Nordic ECO-label ‘Swan’ for all its massive oak furniture.


RIJADA is based in Riga and run by the designers Rihards Funts and Zane Homka. They design products and services for public and private spaces. In order to understand real needs of users they cooperate with designers, researchers and artists who have a wide range of experience and background in the design process. RIJADA works in the area of product, interior, exhibition, event and graphic design.

Jaell und Tofta (D)

Jaell & Tofta are Sina Gwosdzik and Jakob Dannenfeldt a young German product designer team. They are specialized in creating interior spaces and furnishings and focus on ecologically worthwhilpecializeded design. For them environmental conscious design starts in the early stages of development of a product and effects the whole process, from choosing the right materials to manufacturing, and finally the disposal of the product. Jäll & Tofta are convinced that ecologically worthwhile design is one of the biggest challenges within design in the future.

Kalon Studios(USA)

Based in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany, Kalon Studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. Kalon Studios design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. All products are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced in the United States. Each piece is handcrafted to order by traditional furniture makers in New England.

Kidsonroof (NL)

Kidsonroof is a Dutch design company founded in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin producing furniture and accessories for children. Kidsonroof wishes to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. The company offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination lies at the heart of all their products.


The Dutch company is run by Liliane M.E.M. Limpens and offers innovative, wooden high quality dolls villa’s for boys- and girls dolls of 30 cm.  
The LILIANE leading and the LILIANE light dolls villa are sturdy, mobile and made from sustainable design materials. Liliane Limpens, who is also responsible for the villas’ design, wants to give children their own dream villa. The first dolls villa was introduced in 1999 and won the 2000 National Innovative Design Award.

The Collection (FR)

Based in Paris, the company sells original design for children and was founded in 2003 by Allison Grant. The product range includes furniture, lightening, wallpaper and borders, wall art, textiles, accessories and gifts. Every year the little Collection dedicates one percent of their turnover to a charity.

Momoll (CH)

Momoll is a young Swiss company specialized in modern wooden toys and furniture for children. The products are reduced to the essential, are minimalist and pure in form and color. Materials are birch plywood in various thicknesses, elastic cord, wooden pegs. The products are portable: easy to disassemble, are in principle modular to be variable in size and form. The toys are free of nails or screws. Momoll products are designed, developed and produced by hand in Switzerland.

ninetonine (E)

ninetonine is a young Spanish company focusing on furniture and design for kids. The designers’ philosophy is to create creative, versatile, fun, safe and practical products. All used materials are from sustainable sources wherever possible, and they use certified paints and lacquers. ninetonine created a Tree for a Cot initiative. For every cot sold, the company plants a tree in the name of the child it was bought for.


NONAH! is a young French company run by 3 brothers and sister. NONAH!’s ecological children’s furniture is made from solid European wood from sustainably managed forests and treated only with water-based paints and natural oils. The designs emphasize the warmth of solid wood, using touches of colours to contrast with its grain. The collection interacts with children, offering unexpected openings, hidden cabinets, surprising layouts. Each piece of furniture has been created to encourage children’s development.

Nonjetable (FR)

Paris-based Nonjetable was founded in 2006 by Finish interior designer Meri Von Renteln. The company offers a complete range of furniture and home accessories for children and adults. The designs are minimalist, sensible, durable and timeless. All products are made of environment-friendly, natural quality materials. The brand reflects its founder’s vision of creating useful objects in a world submerged in useless products.

perludi (A)

Founded in 2007, the Austrian company is specialized in the design of high quality children’s furniture. The designers take into account children’s needs and develop the furniture in collaboration with kids. Playing is an important part of perludi’s work since it is the basis of infantile development. The perludi team values a sustainable approach to furniture production and uses locally-sourced, environment-friendly components wherever possible. All materials are organic and recyclable.


It is a creative laboratory founded by Alice Stori Liechtenstein in 2003. STORIALAB believes in designing for adults and children alike, starting from the same premises and granting children the same intelligence and respect one grant adults. It sees design as the best way to tell a story, as an exercise in visual poetry. STORIALAB projects are playful and aim at evoking vivid memories, of communicating emotions; they are also give great value to ethics. SIRMIA, designed by Alice Stori with Mari Tosmin, is a playful storytelling screen. ALENA, by Alice Stori with Petrus Gartler, is a chair for interiors that captures the poetic and the movement of a swing.

Swedish Ninja (S)

Malmö-based, Swedish Ninja is a young Swedish design label founded and run by Maria Gustavsson. The company creates interesting, unique and timeless furniture. It is Swedish Ninja´s goal to produce pieces that have the potential to be desirable enough to be passed on from generation to generation to avoid the current disposable trends.


Tukluk are Benedikt Kirsch and Katharina Schildgen. Having worked on the development, materials testing and consulting with teachers and specialists since early 2007, the young Austrian designer team set up a company in 2009 to develop and market Tukluk. The product is more than a piece of modular furniture for children; it is a triangle, and a toy. Cylindrical magnets are attached to the edges of the coloured modules. This means that any conceivable shape can be built and taken apart again.


WEAMO is a young British company specialised in designing high quality contemporary children’s furniture. WEAMO uses FSC-certified timber, that means it is produced from well-managed forests. The natural wood edges of all items are exposed to show off the beauty of the birch plywood core, then perfectly hand finished with hardwax oil. The products are designed and manufactured in Britain, to have full control over quality. The furniture is not “mass produced”: WEAMO does small production runs as and when required.

White Elephant DesignLab (A)

The White Elephant DesignLab is run by Tobias Kestel & Florian Puschmann from Austria and specializes in the field of Product Design and Experimental Design. Experimentation and Exploration of materials and their excitability by external influences is an important resource of inspiration. The White Elephant designers are fascinated by natural phenomena and the potential of the qualities of material.

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