Collective paper aestheticsare invited by kidsroomZOOM! to give a workshop “Build the World”:

for children (from age 4-…)

WHERE: At KidsroomZOOM, Wipplingerstrasse 29, Wien

WHEN: Saturday, October 8, at 11:00 and at 16:00

In two workshops: morning and afternoon sessions Noa Haim will present Build the World a paper construction toy in particular and a method to create a toy for every child in general. The innovation of that particular experimental product is laying in reusing the first amount of print test/ color run which is waste made in offset printing shops to create geometrical toys. Each paper contains the construction manual and a set of interlocking tabs and slots.Similar to Meccano, Collective Paper Aesthetics enables the building of working models. Unlike Meccano, Collective Paper Aesthetics basics connect one to another by ‘click’, no glue, nuts or bolts are needed. During the workshop Noa Haim will direct a group of children how to use the NEW toy and explain about her work to the visitors.

Noa Haim (Jerusalem, 1975) master of advanced architecture, designer, journalist and contributing editor, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she was graduated The Berlage Institute (2004).

These are images from Collective Paper Aesthetics workshop directed by Noa Haim in Vienna this weekend. The Viennese (if this is the right way to name the people of Vienna!) made a NEW model and inspired me with making something new: the Rockets.


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