read Studio Fludd, April 2013

read Monkeyzen, April 2013

read TgCOM24, April 2013

read Il grillo e la formica, April 2013

read Homebuildlife, April 2013

read Corriere della Sera, April 6th, 2013

read Home build life, April 2013

read Wit casa, April 2013

read Lavori in casa, April 2013

read MINI città, April 2013

read Menut blog, April 2013

read Ansa, April 2013

read vivimilano, April 2013

read Pirouette blog, March 2013

read Kids Art Tourism, Italy, March 2013

read Marie Claire Enfants, Italy, April 2013

read Milk magazine,France, September 2012

read Marie Claire Enfants, I, September 2012

read Gioia, I, September 13, 2012

read AD magazine, Summer 2012

read FASHION mag little Summer 2012

read PADRES, Perù, June 2012

read N.MAGAZINE, Brazil, May 2012

read VOGUE BAMBINI, bis, May/June 2012

read VOGUEBAMBINI, May/June 2012

read JUNIOR  magazine UK, April 2012

read mariecalireENFANTS, April 2012

read KIDS, March 2012

read monoloco (UK), October 2011

read inform magazine (D), October 2011

read WirtschaftsBlatt deluxe (AT), October 2011

read Naif, July 2011

read CASA AMICA April 2011

read DESIGN monat GRAZ, May 2011

read ELLE DECOR, May 2011

read GRAZIA Casa, April 2011

read Marie Claire Enfant, April 2011

read MODA, Bulgaria, April 2011

read VOGUE BAMBINI May 2011

read ZERO, fuorisalone, April, 2011


AT Casa, Corriere della Sera, September 11, 2012

Milk, July 14 2012

ABITARE web, April 2012

Pirouette, April 2012

Quaderni golosi, blog, April 2012

Villekulla small design, April 2012

Mamme Acrobate, blog, April 2012, April 2012

Art multimedia design, April 2012

Il giornale dell’architettura, April 2012

Viaggi 24 ore, Il sole 24 ore, blog, April 2012

Mamme del parco di Pagano, blog, April 2012

Espoarte, April 2012

Milano today, blog, April 2012

NAIF magazine blog, April 2012

Pirouette. October 2011

Luna Magazine, October 2011

Modernariato e design (I), October 2011

Klein Format, October 2011

OE1 (AT), October 2011

AT Casa, Corriere della sera (I), October 2011

The Gap (AT), October 2011

Abitare (I) (I)

AT Casa (I) (I)

Creative Industries Styria (A)

Lmnop blog (AU)

kids’ wear blog (D)

Kleine Zeitung (A)

Le funky mamas (I)

Mamme Acrobate (I)

Mind the cap (I)

Nostro figlio (I)

papier mache blog (AU)

Pirouette (GB)


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