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Thomas Maitz, 3 years old

I am 2 years old and I live with my parents in a puritan farmers’ house. I share my bedroom with my brother. The bed is used, but comfortable. The floor is made of wood and we only have a small stove to heat the room in the winter. I do not like the sour-white-soup that my mom and grandma make. It’s a specialty from Styria, made with vinegar. For me it is totally ugly. grrr! I love all kind of meat my mum prepares. My favorite is one  rice with meat and paprika.  Jesus is my favorite imaginary friend.


paola noe, 4 years old

I am Paola and I am 4 years old. I have a small bedroom with a red carpet floor. I love to eat and I like every food even beets. I love to draw floor plans, maybe I want to be an architect. I love to play with my 2 younger sisters: we pretend we are the priest and the altar boys. They hate me for this. I am not able to whistle and click my fingers.